Monday, April 30, 2018

Button Coral Information

Button Coral (LPS)

The Button Coral is a LPS coral and orginated from Australia and Indonesia. Other Common names for the Button Coral include Cat's Eye Cynarina Coral, Meat Polyp Coral, Tooth Coral,  Flat Brain Coral, Knob Coral and Teary Eye Coral.

The Button Coral is best placed toward the bottom of a reef aquarium with low water flow, since strong water current can limit its full stretching.  It also requires low to moderate lighting as it may not open up fully if the intensity of the light is too high. Make sure you keep some distance between this coral and other corals since it can double its size and would need enough space to grow.  The Button Coral would make a great addition to any tank since its very hardy and easy to maintain, Its an excellent Coral for beginners!

The Button Coral Derives most of its nutrition through photosynthesis. Its nocturnal in feeding habit and will also filter feed a few times per week on marine foods suck as meaty bits of raw shrimp, Mysis shrimp, and zooplankton. Adding Calcium and trace elements to the water is important to help this coral grow. 

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME:                         Cynarina lacrymalis
  • CARE LEVEL:                                    Easy
  • TEMPERAMENT:                              Peaceful
  • DIET:                                                    Phytoplankton, Meaty foods
  • LIGHTING:                                         Moderate
  • WATER FLOW:                                 Low
  • PLACEMENT:                                    Bottom Half
  • TEMPERATURE:                              72 - 78 Degrees F
  • PH:                                                        8.2 - 8.4
  • SG:                                                        1.022 - 1.025
  • DKH:                                                     8 - 12

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

ARC Reef and Heart Reef Miami FL

                  Heart Reef Maimi Florida and ARC Reef

In 2012, The Atlanic Reef Conservation, ARC Reef, Started the biological testing phase, where they placed live rock on the ocean floor for 60 days measuring to insure they had the correct parameters for the right location to start Heart Reef in Miami Florida.

Today, Only 6 years  later, Heart Reef is an Massive 43,560 Square foot man-made structure that can be seen from commercial airlines as well as boaters passing by, and can only be classified as a living organism, containing well over several hundred species of coral, invertabrates, sponges, and other organisms. ARC Reef chose the shape of a heart as a symbol of their commited love and support for our oceans and coral reefs.

Please visit ARC Reef to read more about their work in Miami FL.