Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Doughnut Coral Information

The Doughnut Coral is a LPS Coral, Acanthophylia sp., and is also known as the Meat Coral. 

The Doughnut Coral does best if placed on the bottom half of your tank, with low water flow and moderate lighting. Make sure you keep some distance between this and other corals since it can double its size when it expands. The Doughnut Coral can grow up to 12" in an aquarium if properly maintained. They will be very easy to keep as long as they get enough space for it to grow. This coral would be an excellent choice for beginners to expert aquarist!

The Doughnut Coral produces food through photosynthesis but will also except meaty foods as well when it is placed near the oral opening.  Adding Calcium and other trace elements to your water is extremely important for growth of this coral. 

      • SCIENTIFIC NAME:              Acanthophylia Sp.
      • CARE LEVEL:                        Moderate
      • TEMPERMENT:                     Semi-Aggressive
      • DIET:                                        Phytoplankton, meaty foods
      • LIGHTING:                          Moderate
      • WATER FLOW:                   Low
      • PLACEMENT:                       Bottom Half
      • TEMPERATURE:                 72  -  78 Degrees F
      • PH:                                          8.2  -  8.4
      • SG:                                        1.022  -  1.025
      • DKH:                                     8  -  12
      • CALCIUM:                       350 - 420
      • MAGNESIUM:                1200 - 1350

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