Monday, May 7, 2018

The Frogspawn Coral

The Frogspawn Coral is a LPS Coral, Euphyllia Divisa, and is sometimes called a wall coral, Grape Coral, Honey Coral, Honey Coral Wall, and even a Octopus Coral.

The Frogspawn Coral does best when placed on the bottom half of your tank, with low water flow and moderate to high lighting.  Make sure you keep some distance between this and other corals since it has sweeper tentacles and my sting nearby corals, you can have the Frogspawn coral close to his brother, the Hammer Coral, they get along pretty good and will not harm one another, but its cousin the Torch Coral needs to be a good distance from both of these guys since they will harm one another. The Branches of this coral are not connected so therefore if one branch is hurt or dead it will not affect the other branch. The frogspawn coral is not recommended for beginners as it can be quite difficult to handle for starters. 

The Frogspawn Coral produces its food via photosynthesis. It will also accept meaty foods such as raw shrimp, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp and silverside when placed near the oral opening. The Frogspawn Coral will grow rapidly in a marine aquarium if the tank parameters are perfect.  Adding Calcium and other trace elements to the water is important to maintain this corals good health!

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME:                         Euphyllia Divisa
  • CARE LEVEL:                                    Moderate
  • TEMPERAMENT:                            Aggressive
  • DIET:                                                 Phytoplankton, Meaty foods
  • LIGHTING:                                       Moderate to Intense
  • WATER FLOW:                                Moderate
  • PLACEMENT:                                   Bottom Half
  • TEMPERATURE:                            72  -  78 Degrees F
  • PH:                                                     8.2  -  8.4
  • SG:                                                    1.022  -  1.025
  • DKH:                                                 8  -  12
  • CALCIUM:                                      350  -  420
  • MAGNESIUM:                               1200  -  1350

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